Victory Hill: (Overlooking The Causeway) Showing The Japanese War Memorial As Seen From Alexander Car Park (August 3, 1942)

Changi small sketch book p26‘By now the shrine which we had been erected in honour of the fallen in Singapore was completed and we were told that we would all receive a holiday and extra rations and that there would be a wonderful opening ceremony. The chaps detailed to attend the ceremony and to view the shrine as a completed monument marched out carrying with them as many packets and tins as they possibly could, containing white ants, lice, bedbugs and any other wood eating or human eating vermin that they could get their hands on. As there was an abundant supply of all these and several other kinds of insect, the shrine, I imagined, would be a rather unhealthy place at which to worship. Also, being made of wood, I don’t know whether it would have survived the ravages of the many boxes of white ants which were left there.’
Source: You’ll Never Get Off The Island by Keith Wilson; 1989, Pg 31