The Big Bronzed Anzacs Learn To Play Darts

The Big Bronzed Anzacs Learn To Play DartsThe Big Bronze Anzacs Learn to Play Darts

Sport of almost every kind was encouraged from the outset of becoming POW’s. It kept morale up, assisted men to remain physically & mentally fit, relieved and diverted them from their oppressive conditions while providing some humour for partakers and spectators. It also instilled some ‘normalization’ and maintaining discipline, teamwork, controlled aggression and mateship

There was a committee and officer in charge of every sport. Of course the rivalry between Australian and British POW’s continued during this time through the playing of cricket, rugby, soccer, tennis, boxing and many other sports.

As can be seen above, the British POW’s are teaching the Australian POW’s how to play there much loved game of darts – with some frustration. Perhaps a new ‘sport’ for the Australians?