‘The Guard Is Changed’ (August 1945)

The guard is changed

A 94 year old Ex POW told me this is lifelike, except there would be not japing dog, that would have been food to us.

“Ron Searle was drawing a cat. He had drawn it fifty times. It was a cat we intended eating when he had finished drawing it, but apparently he was using too many lines. He drew incessantly on the back of pre- war prison records – economising with his lines (whatever that meant).”
Source: The Naked Island by Russell Braddon; 1955 edition Pan Books Ltd, Pg 260

‘The Dog Lovers Club’ consisted of 6 men who were able to catch, butcher, and cook on average one dog per week to supplement their meagre rations. there were 4 man, 8 man and 12 man dogs (size determined how many men it would feed. However, they weren’t the only ones who resorted to eating dogs and cats with the result that after 1 year their were no more dogs or cats to be found. It is reported that after ww2, Singapore imported dogs and cats as there were non left.

Source: Changi – The Funny Side by Slim DeGrey; 1991; pg 134 – 149