Aircraft – Beaufighter

Aircraft - Beaufighter

One of 4 watercolors of British aircraft, which we assume were copied by Des from published photos, possibly all from the same source as that mentioned in the caption for the ‘Defiant’.

Bristol Beaufighter.

‘This was a long range twin engined fighter developed from the Bristol Beaufort. It was used successfully as a night-fighter, fighter bomber and torpedo bomber. As well as bombs, rockets and torpedoes, the Beaufighter mounted four 20mm cannon in the nose and three .303 machine guns in each wing.

To the Japanese, the Beaufighter became known as the ‘Whispering Death’ because of its relatively silent approach. One of its more well known exploits was in the Battle of the Bismark Sea, where with American bombers they helped to sink eight transport and four warships.’

Source: thanks to Peter Stubbs and Graham Bettany

The Bristol Beaufighter 1 – British long range 2 – seater fighter.

Two 1,380 h.p. Bristol Hercules 111 radial motors. Built for the destruction of enemy bombers and long range escort work; powerful armament of four cannon and six machine guns. One of the biggest fighters built. Pilot sits in the short nose with excellent view of forward hemisphere; second member of crew sits farther aft.

Dimensions: span 58ft; length 40ft 11 in;height;15 ft 9 in; wing area 469 sq ft; aspect ratio 7.38.

Weight: empty 13,600 lb; loaded 20,800 lb.

Performance: Max speed 330 mph at 14,000 ft; rang 1,500 miles at 200 mph; service ceiling 28,900 ft.”

Source: Valentine’s Aircraft Recognition Cards, The Proficiency Test Series , No – 16 London.