Aircraft – Defiant

Aircraft - Defiant

This watercolor of the Boulton-Paul Defiant fighter is a copy of a photo appearing in the Air Ministry publication ‘Aircraft of the Fighting Powers Volume 1′, published in 1940 by Harborough Publishing Co., Leicester, England. We assume that Des, or someone else in the camp, had a copy.

Boulton Paul Defiant

‘The Defiant was designed to engage enemy bombers. When first encountered in battle, it was a very nasty shock to German aircraft trying to sneak up behind it. The four turret mounted machine guns of the Defiant provided a very rude awakening. However, its deficiencies – lack of  maneuverability compared with the single-seat fighters – soon became apparent and high losses caused it to be reassigned to the night fighter role. Another role it took on was of air sea rescue. For this role, dinghies were carried under each wing and were dropped to survivors.’

Source: thanks to Peter Stubbs and Graham Bettany

‘The Boulton Paul Defiant 1, British two – seater fighter.

One 1,030 hp Rolls Royce Merlin 111 liquid – cooled, upright Vee in – line motor. No fixed forward firing armament – only four gun Boulton Pula turret behind pilot’s cockpit. Some Defiants are being used for gunner training, with two guns removed from the turret, and for general towage duties. Defiants first went into action over Dunkirk when they destroyed37 enemy aircraft without loss to themselves.

Dimensions: span 39 ft 6 in; length 30ft; height 12 ft; wing area 250 sq ft; aspect ration 6.26.

Weight: loaded 7,500 lb.

Performance: Max speed 310 mph’

Source: Valentine’s Aircraft Recognition Cards, The Proficiency Test Series , No –  7,  London.