Aircraft – Spitfire

Aircraft - Spitfire

One of 4 watercolors of British aircraft, which we assume were copied by Des from published photos, possibly all from the same source as that mentioned in the caption for the ‘Defiant’.

Supermarine Spitfire

‘Designed as a private enterprise, the world famous Spitfire first flew on 1936. The aircraft impressed the RAF and the Air Ministry placed an initial order for some 300 aircraft.  The Spitfire played its part in the Battle of Britain. Although outnumbered by Hawker Hurricanes, the name Spitfire became synonymous with victory in the battle. It served in every theatre of war.

Continuously developed during the war, some 20,000 spitfires of 24 types and over 2000 of its naval version, the Seafire were built. It remained in RAF Service until 1957.

Source: thanks to Peter Stubbs and Graham Bettany

‘The Vickers – Supermarine Spitfire single seat fighter (1,030 hp Rolls’ Royce Merlin 11 engine). Though the version shown has a fixed pitched air screw, the Spitfire is now (later) turned out with a three – blade controllable – pitch air screw. Max speed of 367 mph, the fastest fighter in service.’

Source: Valentine’s Aircraft Recognition Cards, The Proficiency Test Series , No – 60 London.