Relieving Paratrooper’s First Meal In Changi Gaol 1st draft

Cartoon - 1st draft para's mealSee final painted image on this page.

‘On 28th August 1945 Liberator bombers flew low over Changi and let fly a stream of small sheets of paper. The war was defiantly over and a surrender had been signed.

A little while later British parachutists arrived at Changi where the bulk of the prisoners were gathered. The Japanese greeted the incredulous paratroops politely. Desmond Bettany was one of those who could see a funny side to the situation: the strapping British paratroops were by no means all tall men but they seemed to tower above emaciated prisoners and diminutive guards alike. It served naturally enough as the inspiration for a cartoon. There were those of course who lacked Bettany’s sense of humour.’

Source: Lancashire Gunners at War, (pg 128), by Stephen Bull.