Cartoon Characters, Towner Road POW Camp, Singapore (3rd October 1942)

Changi small sketch book p37

In 1941 a new animation film was produced by Walt Disney with the to take America’s thoughts away from the carnage and destruction in Europe, Dumbo.  Most of Dumbo’s success is down to its deceptively simply story, based in a circus tent, but there is also so much more to enjoy in Dumbo – the bright circus colors and atmosphere, the authentic hijinks of the clowns, a cynical bunch of crows and the music, by Disney staffers. Most significant the crows also get to sing the film’s standout musical hit When I See An Elephant Fly. Characters include:

1) Timothy Q. Mouse; 2) Clown name??; 3) Clown name??; 4) a cynical crow;

5) Mr Stalk; 6) Dumbo; 7) Dumbo; Ringmaster.