25 Pounder Team In Action Using Drag Ropes (1941)

Manhandling the Gun

Pen & Ink illustration of a 25 pounder gun team in action using drag ropes, completed in 1941.

(Note Des’ signature on the bottom area of the tire)

Nomenclature: Ordnance QF 25 pr Marks
2, 2/1, 2/1 (Aust), 3 and 4
on Carriage Marks 1,2 and 3
Manufacturer/Designer: British
Date of introduction: 1940
Dale of Withdrawal: 1975
Theatres Used; U.K., Middle East, Greece
Malaya. New Guinea and Islands
Ran: of I-ire: 5 r/m
Detachment Size: 6
Weight in Action: 1,778kg (1 ton 15 cwt)
Weight: 450kg (8 cwt 3 1/2 qr)
Length: 2,476mm (97.5 in)
Calibre: 87.6mm (3.45 in)
Breech: Vertically – sliding wedge
Firing Mechanism: Percussion
Maximum Range: 12.250 m (13,400 yd)
M.V. 518m/s (1,700 f/s)
Type: Separate
Nature: H.E., Smoke (BE and Coloured),
Star, A.P., Chemical and Propaganda
Fuses: Percussion, Time
Weight: 11.3kg (25 lb)
Charges: 4
Type:: Two wheel box trail; wheels on platform
Recoil: Hydro-pneumatic, variable
Top Traverse: 4deg (71 m) left and right
Elevation: 45deg (800 m)
Depression:-5deg (89 m)
Source: 26th Battalion Association Newsletter (April 2016), No 28