Seletar River: A View Of Jahore From Singapore Island Observation Post: OP (Jan 1942)

Seletar River

Seletar River, Singapore – View Of Jahore From Singapore Island Observation Post: OP – Jan 1942

Des used to tell the story of when he was on forward OP (Observation Post) looking over the Jahore Straits from Singapore. One night he rang the officer in command of the heavy artillery to report he could clearly see many Japanese trucks winding their way through the hills opposite the OP, they even had their headlights on. Des was astounded when the officer stated ‘we’ll not be firing tonight, old chap, we’re giving the lads a spell, they’re asleep, but if they are still there in the morning we will certainly fire on them’. Too little too late!! One wonders if this painting could have been what occurred after as in the water can be seen what appears like troops crossing.

“When, before the war, a Government official, now Lord Llewellyn, queried Major – General Dobbie about the complete absence of fortifications on the north coast of Singapore, though the east and the west and the south bristled with armaments, the General replied simply: ‘The north needs no fortification. No one could get through the jungle that leads to it’
Unfortunately, the Japanese were never informed of this fact!”
(Sir John Dill, May 6th, 1941)
Source: The Naked Island by Russell Braddon; 1955 edition Pan Books Ltd, Pg 284