Lt Dann Painted by Ronald Searle (Sept 1944)

Lt Dann by R. Searle

Note, this image was painted by Ronald Searle of  Lt Dann. It compliments Des other artwork of Lt Dann and the enclosed poem adds further evidence of his role as the camp policeman.


The following poem written about Lt Dann by BGC in Changi Gaol POW Camp, Singapore, Sept 1944, further explains Lt Dann’s role as camp policeman…

‘The Exils’. Camp Prisonality – 2


 ‘Lord Peter Wimsey, Sexton Blake, Nick Carter, Nelson Lee,

Would all agree I take the cake when ‘frisking’ Party ‘P’.

At dead of night or break of day I’m hot upon the scent

Of ‘two-up’ schools and stolen pay- before the cash is spent.

No subtle subterfuge escapes – no pickings from the go-down-

And bulging shirts or rolled-up capes all end up with a showdown.

These homely features hunt down clues,

and leave no stone unturned,

You’ll find I’m up to every ruse-

my nom de guerre’s well earned’. BGC

Source: The Bettany Family wish to thank Sabrina Smith (nee Dann),  Lt Dann’s grand daughter for supplying the above information.