Wray Gibon, (probably Wray Gibson), Changi (1943 & 1945)

Portrait: W. Gibon

Wray Gibson was yet another musician / actor who took part in quite a number of Theatre Programs.

Some of these included shows such as: ‘Music Through The Years’; ‘Sweet And Hot’; ‘Midsummer Follies’; ‘The New World Inn’; ‘Max Revells’; ‘The Show Goes On’.

To view the 100 programs painted and bought back by Des Bettany, go to ‘Changi Theatre Programs’ on this website. This is where this information has been researched from.

Further, from the diary entry below from George Wiseman, it is clear that there was more than one piano accordion player in Changi POW Camp. This becomes clear when reading the Theatre Programs that Des Bettany bought home. There were at least three accomplished players. Wray Gibson often played duets with ‘Dutchie’ Holland and were in one show called ‘The Accordeonettes’.

‘In the evening I went along to the concert in Changi village with Bines.  A first class show with a female impersonator of professional standard.  A piano accordion solo by Frankie, who I believe was once with Geraldo.  Plenty of topical jokes, all RAF would get a warm welcome in Australia.’

 Excerpt from George Wiseman’s diary, Changi POW.

Source: www.pows-of-japan.net/booksetc/Diaries%20Proofed%20.doc