Gil Mitchel and his violin

Caricature: Gil Mitchel


Gil Mitchel played some violin solo’s  in the Jan. 1945 Changi Theatre Program ‘Sweet and Hot’ at The Playhouse Theatre. In this production he seems to have his own band ‘Gil Mitchel and the Gypsy Serenaders’. Other actors and musicians he performed with at this show, and whom Des Bettany has painted caricatures of include: Wray Gibson and Henri Ecoma. These caricatures can be viewed on this page.

Some other shows included shows such as: ‘Dancing Tears’ and  ‘Stardust’.

“The concert Party also flourished because it commanded the enthusiastic support of a Japanese interpreter called Terai. He was always glad to find in Singapore such improbable commodities as strings for a violin, or women’s gowns, or make – up materials or whatever it was that the performers needed. All he asked in return was a little conversation – preferably not about the war, which he hated.”
Source: The Naked Island by Russell Braddon; 1955 edition Pan Books Ltd, Pg179

To view the 100 programs painted and bought back by Des Bettany, go to ‘Changi Theatre Programs’ on this website. This is where this information has been researched from.