Bits & Pieces – The Star Theatre – Changi POW Camp (Nov 1944)

Bits & Pieces frontBits & Pieces CastNote in point 6 above – ‘Just a Few Lines From – Des Bettany – Lightning Sketch Artist’. Those who knew Des knew how quickly he could turn out quality work, especially cartoons. Lightning Sketch Artist is apt – however, at this stage he had received no formal training as an artist, that was to come after the war ended at Leeds School of Art, UK. From that time on, Des career changed from an Industrial Chemist in an artificial silk factory, to that of an Art Teacher, then Lecturer, rising many years later to the postion of Acting Principal at the South Australian School of Art.

With the fall of Singapore in 1942 Jack Boardman was marched to Changi POW Camp where he would remain until the end of the war. He was the pianist, composer and arranger for the Changi Concert Party during three years of his three-and-a-half year imprisonment. The entertainment he provided had a big effect on the moral of his fellow POWs. In February 1945 the Japanese banned further concerts and Jack was sent out to work on the Changi airstrip, the gaol incinerator and other tasks. He was the pianist in ‘Bits and Pieces’, Nov 1944.