JanuaryI Outrank an Officer!

In March 1942 the Imperial Japanese Army ordered that all POW officer shoulder badges were to be removed and instead to place one star on left breast pocket indicating officer status.

However, this officer has been given the wrong Japanese rank to wear, that of a Private Second Class Soldier, the lowest rank in the IJA.

This makes sense of the Lance CorporalĀ  laughing at the ‘Officer’ as this rank is below that of Lance Corporal. In fact there were 3 ranks of Privates in the IJA: Superior Private – Specialist (3 stars); Private First Class (2 stars); Private Second Class (1 star) – you couldn’t get any lower rank that this!! Above these were Lance Corporal; Corporal; Sergeant.

Both Officers are not impressed, and perhaps appalled.

Thank you: State Library of New South Wales, Mitchell Library Special Collections where this Calendar is archived