‘Badger’s Green’ by The Palladium at The Palladium, Changi POW Camp, (March 1943)

Badger's Green
Badger's Green - CastNote: Scenic Artist – Ronald Searle.

‘As I sit on my bed a symphony and choral concert in the Palladium, one of the camp theatres, is playing to an audience of five hundred. An orchestra of 25 players has just played a Schumann concerto, and now a male voice choir is singing ‘Comrades in Arms’. Here has been produced an orchestra whose talent is first rate, and who somehow are able to overcome the poor quality of some of the instruments. I have mentioned the plays that have been staged, we have seen too, Sheriff’s ‘Badger’s Green’, ‘I Killed the Count’, ‘Loyalties’. These and others have been played by men who are professional actors, and produced by men of  West End experience.’

Source: Down To Bedrock (the diary & secret notes of a Far East prisoner of war Chaplain) by Eric Cordingly, Pg 111; permission by Louis Reynolds, daughter.