‘Dover Road’, by The New Windmill Theatre at 18th Div Area: Changi POW Camp (April 1942)

Dover Rd
Dover Rd - Cast

‘Every advantage has been taken of the talent that exists in a camp such as ours. A simply first rate play of A.A. Milne’s ‘The Dover Road’ has been played to packed audiences for two weeks, and it seems likely that it will run for some weeks to come. The standard of the acting is really high and even the female parts are most convincing in their ‘femininity’. There is nothing amateur about these entertainments, and we have been amazed at the finish in dress and stage furnishings. Ingenuity has reached unbelievable heights. The facts are I suppose, that we have her behind the wire, men who comprise this civilian army who everyday jobs are those which are now used in the multitudinous activities that make up this prison life.’

Source: Down To Bedrock (the diary & secret notes of a Far East prisoner of war Chaplain) by Eric Cordingly, Pg 70; permission by Louis Reynolds, daughter.