‘Khaki on Parade’ by The Camp Theatre at Adam Park (Aug 1942)

Khaki on Parade

This show was performed at Adam Park, of which not much has been known but some research is being conducted on this site

‘The only relief from general boredom was a well run and well organized concert party. Our performers (at Adam Park) worked all day and had little time to rehearse or put acts together. Signals provide, among others, Curly Meakin, Bruce Hunt and Doug Alexander. Considering the difficulties under which they worked, the entertainment was of an exceptionally high standard and quite regular. With such a large camp the right to attend was allocated to different units at different times, and the night our unit (Australian 8th Div. Sigs.) was allocated was always a big event.’
Source: You’ll Never Get Off The Island by Keith Wilson 1989 edition, pg 42

‘Adam Park now houses a Japanese restaurant but it was once the headquarters of a British regiment helping to defend Singapore in World War II.

Indeed, few know that the 8ha Adam Park estate, at the junction of Adam and Bukit Timah roads, was once the site of fierce fighting and later a prisoner-of-war camp.

This year , its secrets could be unearthed in Singapore’s first battlefield archaeological dig, a year before the 70th anniversary of the fall of Singapore on Feb 15, 2012.

The project is a collaboration between National University of Singapore archaeologists, the Singapore Heritage Society (SHS) and the National Heritage Board (NHB).’

Source: http://www.southeastasianarchaeology.com/2011/02/17/archaeologists-dig-wartime-battle-site-singapore/