Gunners’ Coat of Arms

Gunners Coat of ArmsThe Royal Regiment of Artillery commonly referred to as the Royal Artillery (RA).
The Cap Badge contained the 9 pounder RML (rifled muzzle – loader) gun and 2 scrolls, and was surmounted with the Crown; the motto on the scrolls Quo Fas Et Gloria Ducunt (“Where Right And Glory Lead”; in Latin fas implies “sacred duty”) Ubique (Everywhere)

‘Lieutenant Colonel D’Aubuz clearly felt that no stigma applied to the 88th, and one must agree that at the very least they had proved themselves well above the average in the Malayan campaign. He stated the following:

“The regiment, apart from the East Coast operations, had fought a delaying action over 400 miles of country which has well been described as a ‘Gunner’s Nightmare’, and had taken part in 14 seperate engagements on the mainland, including two which could be dignified by the name of ‘battles’. It was probably unique in being the only regiment to bring all its guns back to the Island.”’

Source: Lancashire Gunners at War – The 88th Field Regiment, 199 – 1945 by Stephen Bull, Pgs 80