Changi Prison Main Buildings (1944)

Changi Prison 1944

The main buildings at Changi 1944

‘Changi was modelled on Alcatraz and was an example of a British gaol at its most grim.’

‘For over sixty years the name Changi has remained synonymous with hardship and cruelty, borne during this horrific chapter in British military history, a name that will not easily be forgotten. It will remain a lasting bitter memory to all those who were unfortunate enough to have been interned in the miserable foulness within its formidable stone walls or in the surrounding camps within its shadows.’



“At Changi Gaol, were concentrated about seven thousand men – the remnants of F & H Force, the workers of Changi Aerodrome, the Changi Administration.
Changi Gaol was one of His Majesty’s most modern prisons, proudly surmounted by a gleaming concrete tower, which in it’s turn was surmounted by a radar screen which did not work, which in its turn was surmounted by a flag mast bearing the Japanese flag. It has been designed to hold six hundred native felons.”
Source: The Naked Island by Russell Braddon; 1955 edition Pan Books Ltd, Pg244